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Ron Nash is convinced that students thrive and grow as active learners in ways they do not when they are simply passive observers. As the years go by, predictably, watching teachers work may become less and less exciting. Classrooms ought to be places where students can be students.

In a career that has encompassed almost five decades, Ron has taught middle and high school social studies; he also served as an instructional coordinator and organizational development specialist. Ron retired in 2007 to create Ron Nash and Associates, Inc., a company dedicated to shifting students from passive observers to active participants in their own learning.

A national presenter and workshop facilitator, Ron has conducted seminars and workshops for thousands of teachers and administrators. On a national level, he has presented at conferences sponsored by ASCD, NBTPS, Learning Forward, Learning and the Brain, Learning Sciences International, and at Eric Jensen's Learning Brain Expo. Ron and his wife, Candy, reside in Virginia Beach with their cat, Gracie.

If you want to talk with Ron about presenting at your school, district, or conference, contact him at 757-567-6999 or email him at Ron’s presentations and workshops are highly interactive and, dare we say it, fun. Those who take part in his workshops are participants, rather than attendees. You’ll move, pair, share, laugh, and learn with Ron. And you will leave with practical, meaningful strategies you can use in K-12 classrooms—most of which you will have used in his workshop! Check out the comments of those who have survived Ron’s sessions in the past:
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"The day I spent in Ron Nash's seminar in 2009 is one that changed my teaching career and helped me be the teacher I've always wanted to be. After 21 years as an educator, the strategies I learned from Ron transformed my instructional methods and energized my students into being excited, active learners."
- Kathy Galford, Virginia's 2013 Teacher of the Year

"It was fabulous!!! Thank you for such a relevant and useable presentation. I wish the entire two-day conference had been with you!"
- Elaine McCombs, Alabama Elementary Teacher

“As one of my colleagues stated about your professional development offering to us, 'Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!"
- Linda Emerick, Delaware HS Teacher

"This was the best workshop I have EVER attended!”
- Dawn Carter, Augusta County (VA) Teacher

What can you expect from a Ron Nash workshop?

- A high-energy, fast-paced classroom session from two to five hours
- Evidence-based student engagement strategies that are modeled
- Participants up, moving, pairing, and sharing a great deal
- Humor and music as state-change mechanisms

To bring Ron to your district, school, or conference, email him at